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ADR McLaughlin provides constructive, fair and affordable conflict resolution, and will assist you to manage, reconcile and investigate conflicts in your family, workplace, business or community.

Over 30 years of education, business and leadership skills have given Shelly McLaughlin the basis to resolve conflict effectively by listening exceptionally, grasping complex concepts, guiding negotiations and encouraging positive outcomes with success. She has a unique perspective, having worked successfully in the investment industry for many years before receiving extensive training in conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, Med-Arb, divorce financial analysis, restorative justice, workplace investigations and building her diverse mediation practice. She is currently on the WorksafeBC PAC mediation roster, BC’s notice to mediate civil and family rosters, BC Insurance arbitration roster member, BC property assessment review panel member, Employment and Assistance tribunal member, Sport Dispute Resolution centre of Canada Arbitration and Mediation roster member, Better Business Bureau (BBB) alternative dispute resolution roster, as well as working with and consulting through The Neutral Zone, and partnering with The Collaborative Law corp and Mediation Centre.  

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